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03 oktober 2018

Why is it so hard to become a person you want to be?
Why do people judge you by the choices you make?
Why are you satisfying someone's need?
Why do you limit yourself?
Why, Why, Why?

Aren't you a grown up Woman now to decide what you're limit is and what's satisfying you.

And you know what makes you Happy so just do it. Do it!!
It doesn't matter what it is you only have to feel it and then you will have a Big Smile, like you never did before!

I often get the question " Why you're always so positive and full of energie?"

My answer is because of my mindset. I'm thankful for everything what happened and still happening in my life. I'm accepting it and i can let go easily. Don't hold grudges, don't focus on the negative, don't let hate win!

Look at background of the pic, isn't that amazing breath taking. How beautiful the clouds are. And the breath that i take! And the trees and water! If you focus on that, you will notice that you are changing into a Positve person.
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